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We don't want to "get back" to school. We want to make the schools our student return to better. We want a public schools fully committed to the learning of every single student and thoughtfully designed to achieve that end. We have a unique opportunity to create schools that are unequivocally resolute in their commitment to student learning, beacons of service and partnership to communities, and respected and sought-after institutions of employment. The aim is not adequacy; rather it is productive excellence for all.

I hope that many of you will be working on your district task forces making a plan (most likely Plan A, B, C, and Ds) for the safe re-opening of your school. To follow are the first two pages of a research-based approach to reopening schools prepared by NEA including the Table of Contents. It is a wonderful resource! Share it with your colleagues and share it with your task force teams! Use this as a roadmap for creating a safe and high-quality learning environment for our students; a workplace you can't wait to get to each and every day.

To download the entire document in PDF form from Google Drive CLICK HERE. For DropBox CLICK HERE.


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