New MESSA Options Allow You to Keep More of Your Paycheck

As the state’s hard cap law continues to squeeze school employees’ paychecks, MESSA has worked quickly to launch several new plan options designed to help bargainers and members reduce the amount of money taken out of members’ paychecks for health insurance.

To help ease the financial burden placed on education employees, MESSA now offers more affordable options that lower premiums while maintaining the large physician network and legendary personal service MESSA members love.

  • Coinsurance: Coinsurance riders for certain MESSA Choices and MESSA ABC plans can lower the amount taken from your paycheck. In exchange, after your deductible is paid, you pay a fixed percentage, such as 10 percent, for a specific medical service. If you don’t need many services, you come out ahead at the end of the year.

  • Rx by mail: Employee groups can now bargain a mandatory mail prescription rider, which requires members to sign up for convenient mail-order delivery for most routine maintenance medications. This option can lower premium by more than 1 percent while also saving money on prescription costs.

  • Higher deductible options: We offer three higher-deductible options for MESSA Choices plans. Members have less money taken out of their paychecks, in exchange for a higher deductible when and if you need medical care.

  • Online doctor visits: All MESSA plans now include low-cost online doctor visits through Amwell, saving members money by avoiding unnecessary — and expensive — trips to the emergency room.

This is just the beginning. MESSA will continue to roll out creative new plans and options in an effort to be proactive to our members’ needs — without sacrificing the quality and service for which MESSA is known.

To learn more about our new, cost-saving options, call your MEA UniServ Director, Christine Anderson, or our MESSA field representative, Tara Wilbur.

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