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I'm a lifelong resident of Michigan who will never leave! I adore the water, the sand, and the changing of the seasons, even the most extreme weather. Years ago, I considered moving to Arizona, and when I got there to look around I kept asking myself, "Where's the water?!" That was the end of that. We live in the most spectacular place and I'm grateful every day.

The photo to the right shows me having just come in from a run in the pouring rain on Lake Michigan, "The Big Puddle," with my sweet dog Bella (who has since passed away and who I miss every single day).

I'm dedicated to being a UniServ Director you can count on to point you in the right direction and advocate for you and public education in a meaningful way...someone who may not always have all of the answers but who is absolutely committed to finding them, using the numerous resources available to me in the way of my colleagues and the experts at headquarters.

  My Expertise


  • Negotiation

  • Collaboration 

  • Organizing

  • Advocacy

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